I'm Jess Molloy, but I also respond to 'Yes' and 'Molly'.

I have an MA in Game Development Design as well as a BA in Games Art & Design, and I'm currently looking for Junior / Graduate opportunities within the game industry, ideally in game design.

Playing video games has always been my main hobby (some evidence in the pictures below). Growing up, my favourite games were Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, Billy Hatcher and Donkey Konga.

One of the first games that affected my current playstyle was Hitman: Blood Money. I replayed the game constantly, finding new ways of completing missions and finding easter eggs. Because of this, I love to replay games to discover everything they have to offer.

2001 (Game Boy Advance)

2003 (Chicken Invaders 2 on PC)

2005 (Gamecube)


Another thing about me: The best day of my life so far was when I went to an alpaca farm. Moths and mannequins freak me out.